Yang Clan Bow Revamped!

2022-09-06 04:55

The Yang Clan Bow Revamped!

Tiancefu is the army of the Tang Dynasty in charge of the affairs of the rivers and lakes. There is no real sense of good and evil in their hearts. Only adhere to the belief in the Li Tang Dynasty. In order to maintain the stability of the Tang Dynasty, they are willing to meet gods to kill gods, and Buddhas to kill Buddhas, even if they are caught in a catastrophe. Unlike other sects, Tiance Martial Arts never emphasizes moves or principles. Tiance Martial Arts often evolves directly from combat in war. It is extremely practical, and its moves are deadly. There is nothing fancy. Combined with Tiancefu's unique military calligraphy formation and horse fighting, it can advance and retreat freely, with amazing power and incomparable domineering.

Revamped Yang Clan Bow Ability

Yang Clan Bow Revamped: depend on character AGILITY & STRENGTH

**After Revamped:


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