Beggar Sect Revamped!

2022-09-06 04:39

The Beggar Cane Revamped

The Beggar Gang was founded by Yin Tianci, and its main helm is located on Junshan Island in Dongting Lake. With "loyalty" as the first gang rule, it is a sect that hoes the strong and helps the weak, keeps its promises, and stands on the right path. Although it is called a beggar gang, the dress does not have to be as tattered as a beggar. Beggar gang martial arts are famous all over the world for "eighteen palms for subduing dragons" and "dog-beating sticks". The Dragon Subduing Palm was created by Yin Tianci, and later perfected by the current gang leader Guo Yan. Once it is used, it is like running clouds and flowing water, driving back the enemy with continuous attacks. The dog-fighting stick method is a very profound martial art, which can only be achieved by a person with an exquisite mind.

Revamped Beggar Cane Skills

 Steal and Replace

Skill description: The Steal and Replace effective for the beggar cane technique use to occupied or copy the friendly target skill buff to use on the own purpose.

Skill Attributes: depend on character AGILITY

**Before Steal and Replace Revamp:

The skill is limited to copy the friendly target skill.

Example: Copy Golden Bell Shield (S.C)

unable to use with copied skill: Invincible Vajra(S.Z)

**After Steal and Replace Revamped:

The Steal and Replace skill is no longer limit to copy from friendly target can be use combine within those skill.

Example: Copy Golden Bell Shield (S.C)

now is able to use with copied skill: Invincible Vajra(S.Z)

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